Academic Guidance and Counseling

Academic Guidance and Counseling

Academic Guidance and Counseling at IIUC
The students’ Academic Guidance and Counseling Service is an integral part of the academic program of students of the University. International Islamic University Chittagong (IIUC) puts great value on this service as its objective is to guide students to obtain the best results, adapt with the university environment and take advantage of the opportunities available to them and solve individual problems through counseling.In view of the importance of academic guidance and counseling at the University, a special arrangement has been made in each department to provide academic career and student welfare counseling by the Student Adviser of the respective section of students under each Semester i.e. section adviser is the Student Academic Advisor for Academic Guidance and Counseling. The Academic Adviser shall specify at least two periods a week which will be displayed in their time table and ensure that they are available at their offices in specific periods to enable the students to meet their advisers. Following activities shall be carried out by the Student Academic Adviser:

Academic advising is an interactive process in which the advisor helps the students planning their academic careers through the creation of a partnership. This includes preparing for registration, resolving academic problems, offering academic/educational advice, assisting students with planning for project /thesis / internships and employment opportunities within their disciplines. Also, academic advisers should listen carefully when personal problems are revealed and if necessary refer to the relevant office. Advising is a process of giving students guidance, support and courage, which brings together all of the major dynamics in a student’s life. The success of the guidance system depends on a close relationship between the student and his/her academic adviser, which is necessary to create the conditions conducive to the student’s academic success.
Student Academic Adviser shall address the following points:

i. Before registration:
• Academic adviser shall review student’s performance the previous semester and verify the grades obtained.
• Academic adviser shall check student’s academic status, such as semester GPA, courses that have not yet been taken or failed and courses which need to be retaken from earlier semesters.
• Academic adviser shall discuss previous academic results and current academic status with the student and then make a work plan for the next semester, making sure that he/she has registered for any failed or incomplete courses.
• Academic adviser shall provide comprehensive guidelines to the students in advance by means of a brochure/handbook (Admission Handbook).

ii. During the semester:
• Academic adviser shall collect the list of advisee students from the departmental office. During the semester, there shall be two meetings (at least one of which must be an individual meeting between the adviser and students) to build a good relation with them.
• One class representative (CR) to be selected among the advisee students, who has commitment to be regular in classes, punctual, gentle and to secure the highest result. CR may be changed on the basis of result in the next semester.
• Academic adviser shall familiarize students with the system of study, how to adapt to university academic life, rules and regulations about registration & examination, such as GPA versus Credit hour load policy, retake and improvement, add and drop, consequences of Non-collegiate and Dis-collegiate, re-admission, etc.
• Academic adviser shall enquire about any problems encountered in any course.
• Academic adviser shall discuss with the students on economic, health and social problems (if any) that affect his/her academic performance.
• Rights and obligations, Codes of conduct for the students shall be well communicated (Students Guide).
• Academic adviser shall maintain a data sheet about student’s academic information, study progress and any other relevant information ( as shown sheet- 1). In this regard a file named “Advising File” to be opened to keep records of advisee student.

iii. After the Semester:
• The advisee students shall be classified into four categories as per CGPA: a. CGPA below 2.00 b. CGPA 2.00-2.99 c. CGPA 3.00- 3.49 d. CGPA 3.50 to above. It helps to observe the improvement of the advisee students and the reflection of advising on them.
• Guardian shall be informed for the advisee students having GPA less than 2.50 to find out the cause of poor result.

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